Moriah Evans. BE MY MUSE. 8–10 FEBRUARY 2017, 11AM–5PM. YEAH MAYBE.

Moriah Evans. BE MY MUSE. 8–10 FEBRUARY 2017, 11AM–5PM. YEAH MAYBE.

FD13 presents: Moriah Evans. Be my Muse. Yeah Maybe.

(in collaboration with Kampnagel Hamburg / in parallel to Common Time at the Walker Art Center)

Wed, 8 February & Thurs, 9 February 2017, 11am – 5pm
Friday, 10 February 2017, 11am – 3pm

“Right now, I’m focusing on organ donation. I’m fascinated by it but I’m not focusing on the medical and legal complicated ethics surrounding organ donation. I think it’s more of a tool in terms of thinking about an ecosystem of relationships between people, and boundaries between private and public, intimate space and public space, creating performance structures that enable a simultaneous display of a private gaze and a public gaze, private and public self and how these things move. They are never in a simple space; they are like labels. The organ donation is a good tool for the kind of proximity that people have to my body, to how they may or may not look at my body, to the movements I do, some of which are more aesthetically pleasing, appealing and easy and gratifying to watch, others, which are coded in a more abject way, a more difficult or disobedient body. I feel like it’s a topic that gets people to locate their own flesh in a conversation, jumps in to big questions, philosophical questions between material and immaterial issues of body versus spirit or: “Is a personality contained in the flesh?” or “Who owns our body? Who regulates them and what part makes this or that?” and so on. The questions surrounding organ donations, how is it regulated by society and how could we have a casual conversation about it, not as experts or people who have not experienced an organ donation, are interesting to me.” (Excerpt from an interview with Sandra Teitge)