Sophie Erlund's sound installation at FD13.

 The evening started with drinks and food in the garden. The audience experienced the sound installation one by one in the space followed by an artist talk and a Q&A inside.  

Sophie Erlund's sound installation at FD13. Details.

Nine sensors dispersed in the FD13 space that emanate different sounds triggered by movement(s) of the audience.

FD13 presents: Sophie Erlund. Sunday, 15 June 2014, 7pm

Danish Berlin-based artist Sophie Erlund will present a newly developed sound installation. Erlund’s works are coined by a precise sensitivity to internal processes. She has been developing a practice that both dissects and celebrates the presence of past narratives in a contemporary…

FD13 presents: Netta Yerushalmy & David Kishik. 22 March 2014, 7pm

The Work of Dance in the Age of Sacred Lives Premiered in November 2013 in the framework of the festival-conference “Tanz über Gräben (Dance over Trenches). 100 Years of Le Sacre du Printemps” at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin that marked…

Netta Yerushalmy & David Kishik at FD13.

The first iteration of FD13 presented choreographer Yerushalmy and philosopher Kishik from New York/Boston.